Molly White(CodyPencil) [In-game ban] Hate speech/Derogatory lanuage

Ban reason: “Banned for saying ‘Fucking gay ass nukie’ zero tolerance policy on hate speech and derogatory language.

Length of ban: N/A

Events leading to the ban: Well I was a sci and never expected an attack by the nukie me and the RD were making self-defense and the nukie came in with a tazer,Bulldog ect. After making the makeshift bomb launchers were attacked and killed. And thus going to ghost role and stuff happened

Nothing much happened except that the RD were making bombs as we tested which bombs were better the water pot or the chlorine with fluorine, after testing we were making it and got killed by the nukie, and thus the words came out and happened.

The reason the ban should be removed: Well I understand that the language is very offensive and I am truly sorry that my childish side just came after being killed by some rage but I didn’t want to hurt anyone with the language I was using, And I wanted to is to vent out my anger but I may not know the best and did the mistake. I truly am sorry about using that language, I Just got annoyed and Pretty much said it, I do not want to say it I will be more careful try to chill off, and have fun with my friends in-game. Thank you for listening/Reading

Hello CodyPencil

Thank you for being patient, admittedly this took longer than expected to get back to you about. Your ban has been lifted, and only thing I have to say would be to try and refrain from using any terms referencing race, sexuality or gender identity (or anything to that effect) in a negative connotation. Thank you for understanding!

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