MonikaUwU - Posting Inappropriate Humor over Intercomm

SS14 account: MonikaUwU
Character name: Monika the Wise
Type of Ban: Game Ban
Date of Ban and Duration: May 25th - Till JULY 25th
Reason for Ban: "Pasting “GO TO WWW.RUSSIANBIGTIDDYMILF.COM TO SEE RUSSIAN BIG BOOBA MOMS"into the comms console. The Server age is 16+ and posting fake porn links isn’t mature enough.”
Your side of the story: Captain and Clown that round asked for me (the mime) for a funny over the intercom and so I delivered. They both found it humorous and we continued our shift as normal. I then get a ping later from an admin saying that ‘It wasn’t funny to me’ and ‘Not funny when minors are on the station.’ The server then proceeded to crash and I decided to get off for the night, only to come back later today and see that I’m banned for like two months.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Because it was a harmless joke? One that affected no person wrongly or harmful in anyway whatsoever, as well as a forgettable event that probably caught people’s eyes for like 20 seconds before they forgot about it. If I were banned for like a day or two, makes sense, sure, but like TWO MONTHS? Are your admins okay irl or does the small dopamine rush of banning someone for making dumb fake porn links give them just that tid bit of happiness to get through their dull, dry day?
Anything else we should know: Being butthurt over fake porn links in a game where death, destruction, and racism happens on a regular is really adorable honestly. Really glad you guys have your proprieties straightened on banning stupid nonsense memes and not like actual harmful shit that happens. We gotta make sure the poor 16 year olds who plays this game aren’t saying or hearing anything wrong and immoral, like fake porn links being said over the intercom, when they’re probs running around saying things and doing thins just as bad or worse. Sorry for the sass but, jesus christ, the last ban made more sense than this one. Whoever banned me needs to be reevaluated as an admin for real.


the link isn’t fake…

Appeal again in two weeks when you’ve calmed down.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals