Moonka- racial slur

Ban reason: zero tolerance racial slur 
Length of ban: appeal only
Events leading to the ban: I got arrested as the barkeep. when drug to sec i admitted to my crime of shooting the mine but i was then jailed with no timer. i waited and got very angry because no one was listening to me. The captain shows up releases me and as i grab my things only 1 sec officer cuffs me and puts me back with no timer and in a moment of rage i said a racial slur and got off the game. 
Reason the ban should be removed: I only play space station on these servers it was a moment of blind rage. i understand if the ban is perm but i give you my word it wont happen again. i was so angry i broke rp and was talking about unistalling i was having a very bad bad day and no one would just let me out of jail. after 30 min i broke and i would like to at least apologize. I hope you consider unbanning me as it WILL NOT happen again. please forgive me i have 200 hours on ss14 and only on your servers. 



You don’t have a ton of play history to go off of. We cannot tolerate your behavior on the server if this is your reaction to a situation you dislike, regardless of how unjustified it is. I understand being frustrated in the moment but this is absolutely not going to be tolerated a second time.

Completely understandable i had an episode and i am deeply sorry to everyone involved. i will ensure this WONT ever happen again. thank you for your time 

I am replacing this with a 5 day ban which will expire on its own. Accepted.

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