[MOONY] - Alexslayer30 (SS14) | Alexslayer30#5887 (Discord) | SS14 2 Month Ban

SS14 account: Alexslayer30
Byond account: Alexslayer30
Character name: Knife McStaples
When was the ban: Approximately a week ago.
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard’s Den.

Your side of the story: I was messing around in chemistry as I usually do and made some meth after making rad pills. I noticed that the string limit for naming pills was long as I kept typing “METH!!! I LOVE METH!!!” And similar things into it and it kept naming it. When I was done I had a pill that read about two sentences worth of text and I was wondering how far I could push it. So I picked WGW - a “funny” in joke copy pasta that I assumed was harmless/allowed on the station as I had seen people previously put it into radio. I printed 10 1u pills to see if it would accept it and it would. I realized you could display the text by pointing at it and thought “Hey this is pretty funny.” So I decided to print the entire Qur’an as it’s way larger than WGW and wanted to see if the string limit was unlimited - it was. I was then bwoinked by Moony with “Did you print those WGW pills?” I responded “Maybe” and Moony asked “Yes or No?” I replied with a “Yes”. Moony explained that was a break of rules: 1(?). “Don’t be a dick.” 5. “No ERP” 9. “No abusing exploits to powergame or crash/slowdown the server.” Moony then continued they would have to ban me. Moony said that I need to read the rules and after minor debate about intent of the ERP rule in relation to WGW Moony banned me. The reason was “Exploit abuse to lag clients with pills. WGW. Appeal on forum if you want it to be shorter.”

Why you think you should be unbanned:  I believe I should be unbanned or my ban reduced because I wasn’t knowingly breaking the rules. Not because of failure to read or know them but because I didn’t believe genuinely that any of my actions were breaking them. For rule 1. “Don’t be a dick” I didn’t believe I was harming anyone by printing “funny” stuff on a pill and pointing at it. 5. I was under the impression that while WGW is an erotic copypasta that it was okay because I had previously seen it used on the radio. I shouldn’t have assumed that made it okay however as I never saw if the person who had done this had any admin action taken against them nor does some one else doing something justify you doing it - just setting the precedent that I thought it was commonplace. For rule 9 I disagree with the most. I didn’t know it was lagging the server as Moony informed me in the admin bwoink, I genuinely didn’t know it was causing issues. I can’t really say anything else about this then I was ignorant that pointing at the pill caused lag.

I feel this ban was justified in that I did break the rules but I didn’t understand that I was breaking them. I have learned that I should message an admin if I find a bug/unintended feature instead of using it as I don’t fully understand the consequences of what using it may do. I don’t feel like I bring anything unique to the server, I just really like playing on it. I believe my ban should be reduced as I acted in good faith believing I wasn’t breaking the rules.

Anything else we should know:  Sorry if this is word salad - I’m not too good at articulating my thoughts/writing them down.

We have always banned for WGW whenever we see it. I can tell you that with the instance of WGW you’re talking about, the person who said it was instantly banned, and I announced that in OOC when it happened. The whole team stands with your banning admin in the spirit of banning for WGW under rule 5 because even if it isn’t “RP” its sole purpose is to make people uncomfortable through extreme erotic content. Do you understand why we do not allow that type of content on our servers?

I do appreciate your intent to report issues and bugs like that in the future. SS14 is small enough that we can all work together to improve the game. That’s one of the wonders of an open source, community driven game like this.

54 minutes ago, Stealth16 said:

Do you understand why we do not allow that type of content on our servers?

even if it isn’t “RP” its sole purpose is to make people uncomfortable through extreme erotic content

I would assume the reason above because the server is supposed to be accessible to all, same reason you’re not allowed to be discriminatory. It’s your server your rules if you say no ERP then that means no ERP I was just trying to illustrate that at the time I didn’t believe WGW to be ERP. I am now of the understanding that it is.

The most important letter of ERP, and the one that we punish for unceremoniously, is the E. Erotic content is not allowed on Wizard Den servers without exception.

Your appeal has been accepted. Do not do it again.

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