Moony - router

SS14 account: router
Byond account: BasedUser
Character name: Zed Seven
When was the ban: 2022/02/28 20:00 - 21:44 UTC
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard (not present)
Your side of the story: I noticed a packedstation round was in progress, so I decided to test a certain exploit where an observer could latejoin the game. However, to test a hypothesis (whether you could duplicate assistants) I joined as an assistant. I sent three (?) latejoin requests as assistant after spawning. I asked Medical to clone me after scanning and /ghosting. After that, I attempted to latejoin around 3 more times, dead and alive post-cloning.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Did not perform the exploit. I latejoined as an assistant, not an observer.
Anything else we should know: besides, duplicating assistants wouldn’t have helped anyways lmao


Ah shoot forgot to get around to this. Don’t try and abuse exploits please.

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