Mr_Misclick - Sexual content in dead chat

SS14 account username: Mr_Misclick
Ban reason: Sexual content in dead chat
Date of ban: 1/15/2023
Length of ban: Appeal only
Events leading to the ban: I have a tendency to just say random things when doing actions such as, killing a man, leaving a game, or making things. I had said what was on my mind before leaving which was “I’m jerkin off.” I entirely understand the ban, however I hope to be unbanned as it was not fully intentional to be said.
Reason the ban should be removed: I feel I should be unbanned due to the fact that I attempt not to act off of impulse as I did earlier this morning when I got banned. In the future this same accident will not occur. I hope the moderators of the Space Station 14 group will understand this and result in a unban.

6 minutes ago, Mr_Misclick said:

“I’m jerkin off.” I had said this in the since of the “Man fuck this shit I’m jerkin’ off.” joke


Hi Mr_Misclick,

We’ve gone over your appeal and have come to a verdict, of which we will be lifting this ban.

Please refrain from such comments in the future, as it can make players uncomfortable within the round and hurt the quality of the experience.

Sexual content bans are taken very seriously, as we do not permit any in the slightest on our server.

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