MrCalcium- Wildly Inappropriate Language in OOC

SS14 account: MrCalcium
Character name: I can’t really remember
Type of Ban: In Game.
Date of Ban and Duration: About Three Months Ago, I got a perma ban.
Reason for Ban: Wildly Inappropriate Language In OOC
Server you were playing on when banned: Spider
Your side of the story: So, I was playing with a friend of mine on lizard den and we were both dead. And we got bored so we hopped in a discord call, And then we went on to the spider server. And we played some sandbox cause it was empty, And we played I think about 2 rounds? Anyway we were waiting for the next round and we have a edgier or darker since of humor. So you see where I’m going with this, I guess I said some weird stuff in chat but I don’t know. And we played some more rounds of sandbox, And then we went to go check lizards den and the round we playing in was over and we started again. About 4 hours of us playing we wanted to go play some sandbox again, And I went down to one of the official empty servers and when I clicked on it I saw that I was perma banned for wildly inappropriate language. I will admit I have banned once before that i know of for self antagging.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I used to play on this game non stop and to see that I cant play on the best servers, that aren’t Russian makes me feel really bad. And I will say I don’t think I should be unbanned but, I do think it should be shortened to at least 6 or 3 months I will even accept a year ban. I promise I wont do it again, I may as well just not use ooc chat.
Anything else we should know: We were just in a empty one so it was just me and my friend.

Hey BTW i have no idea if it was spider or not its really hard to remember I just know it was one of the empty one’s.

Your ban was just under two months ago- the incident in question being September 14.

8 minutes ago, Stealth16 said:

Your ban was just under two months ago- the incident in question being September 14.

Thank you I couldn’t remember

Hey MrCalcium,

Staff consensus is to accept this appeal. We trust there will not be a similar issue again. Your ban will be lifted shortly, have fun.

Wow that was a close one, our mistake.

I’d like to apologize on giving you false hope, this should have been immediately denied for ban evasion attempts under the key “Weirdo”. You may only appeal this in six months from your latest evasion attempt (so only after 05/03/2023) with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server.

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