MrJikk - ERP writing penis and boobies in crayon

Username: MrJikk

Ban reason: ERP writing penis and boobies in crayon
Length of ban: Indefinite
Ban Issue:
I did what I was banned for, but the ban is unreasonably harsh

Vote Opt-Out: true

Events leading to the ban

Hello team,

I was just messing around in the bar where I found some crayons and was writing out penis and boobies with the crayons as a bit of a joke, the people around me found it quite entertaining and I had no idea this was against any sort of rule.

I did also get a message from the admin saying “Telling you to stop won’t change anything will it?” or something like that, so I thought they found it quite entertaining too, I wasn’t told to stop at any point I was just immediately permabanned.

Reason the ban should be removed

I apologise if I broke a rule doing this but am a bit confused why I was permanently banned for just goofing around like this. I have 80+ hours on this server, have made some great friends and really enjoy it so it’d be a shame not to be able to play again for something silly like this.

I appreciate you reading this and won’t be doing anything like this again if it’s against the rules and I am unbanned, I was just trying to make people laugh is all.

Thank you,

Alternate Accounts

processing appeal

Any news?

alrighty. your appeal was voted on by the team. we have decided to reduce your ban to 6 weeks from the time we began voting. the new expire date for the ban is 2024-06-20. when joining the server for the first time please make sure to read the rules and refrain from sexual content of any nature, as we do not allow it on our servers.

Added appeal-rejected and removed appeal-pending

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