Munk - Banned for coup

Ban reason:   (this is the same event as Xecom543 and Waifu_Slicer’s appeal)

Length of ban:


Events leading to ban:

As a member of the salvage team, we kitted our shuttle and spent the majority of the round collecting items and mining. Throughout this, we are getting messages on the radio saying that there was a revolt so we promptly returned to the station to ensure that cargo was okay. Once, we return, we are told by QM to arm up with shields and guns. The salvage team were confused as to what was going on since we were away and the only real contact we had with the station was hearing about the revolution on the radio. Regardless, we (cargo techs and salvage) followed our QM to security (were I was promptly killed and taken to medical.) Following this, I returned to cargo where it was virtually empty and soon after I recieved an admin message asking about what happened. I explained that I as a crewmate was following orders from my superior as I was not fully sure of what was going on at the station prior to mine and the rest of the salvage team’s return. I assumed that it was just a special event that was led by the admins (as that has occurred before such as when I was a secoff and was made into and given antagonist roles.)

Reason for the ban to be removed:

I was crew, not a boss and didn’t know which side was wrong. 

Enough time has passed since the ban for it to be considered similar in length to a temporary ban. Accepted.

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