Mutes i dont know why im bannned

SS14 account: Mutes
Character name: was not in game
Type of Ban: perma ban
Date of Ban and Duration: forever and just now
Reason for Ban: rdm?
Server you were playing on when banned: most pop server 24/7
Your side of the story: i guess i have no side of my story other then i was banned for rdm even tho i was never rdming or even online
Why you think you should be unbanned: i love this game i lot but when you get banned it brings down your day and perma baning someone who you think rdmed is way overkill

i’m starting to get the feeling that the mods hate me or are trying to ignore me so then they don’t have to deal with me

Just for a little bit of scope here, your appeal has not been open nearly as long as some other appeals in this forum that still need to be addressed. We are volunteers and we get to it when we have time. This is not a personal witch-hunt against you as evidenced by the rest of the forum you are directly participating in.

oh ight i don’t know if im just on some list of good or bad or be careful “this one has an attitude” type of thing

Ok so… throughout most of the round  you were fine you spawned in did your job… found a sec hardsuit.

Then some time after you just started antagging multiple people, “Basically firing on people for no reason in evac” and “At least two people in crit now, and he’s firing at officers, too.” was from a quote from the ahelp, and logs reflect that aswell.

You were not antag that round…
If you could explain your side of the story, then that would be great.

Yes your right but what also happened was there was other people doing the same thing as well some even almost killed me and we all missed the evac because the cap or higher up locked the doors so nobody could get on there where also some killing others and nobody bats an eye yes they could’ve been antag but when your about to miss evac and do you get into this high stress situation where you don’t have enough time to think the whole thing through but if someone get butt hurt over getting killed as the round is ending in less then 60 secs then I won’t do it anymore also yes I would be mad too but I wouldn’t cry in ahelp

So your justification for murdering a lot of people is because other people did the same thing? And you said it yourself, they could’ve been antag.

Do you recognize why I take issue with that line of justification?

Like I said it was a high stress situation there’s not a lot of time to think about it or convince others not to murder you I also thought if I can kill the antags then we could still win so who ever was killing people then I could stop then by killing yes I know It sounds stupid but at that time I had no other idea 

i just feel like a perma ban is a bit overkill with my accident of “rdm” i like this game i lot i always find myself coming back to it whenever none of my friends are online or even if they are online it’s fun because you feel like anything could happen to you whether its being gibed or eaten by a space dragon or the chef i always keep coming back even if ss14 has half of ss13 has and i’ve never even played ss13 and never will due to the jankiness of it i just hope that the mods will take a chance to look at this whenever they are not busy or down to give a chance to someone like me to have fun in a game i looked forward too.

i hope this is not a pain to read all of it.

Hey Mutes,

I have reviewed the circumstances of your ban. I will admit that this situation is difficult to retrace and that your excuse is not very good. However, despite this, I can believe this was a genuine heat of the moment choice in a high-tension situation which was primarily only aggravated by you not being available post round to discuss it with admins. 

Please be aware that just shooting random people hoping they are antagonists so they “lose” before the round end screen appears is not permitted unless you have an actual reason to escalate to that level of force. The round does not end until the round-end screen appears, so killing people prior to that will still be handled as RDM.

All of these factors considered, staff consensus is to  accept this appeal and your ban will shortly be lifted. Have fun.

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