My role ban appeal

fpsg - killing cmo as a non antagonist


Role(s): all of security
Length of ban: forever or until appeal
Events leading to the ban: I was playing as a sec officer this round and I got the idea to kill the cmo. I was still new to the game back then so I tough it would pass. But alas that didn’t happen. I got to med and called the cmo over in maint. Then I procceded to beat him up with my stun rod, stuffed him in a locker and launched him into space. Then admin messaged me and banned me.
Reason the ban should be removed: Now that I have over a 100 hours on this game I think I am more mature to play as a sec officer again. And will promise to keep the peace at the station as much as I can.

From Ban Appeals to Game Servers

Processing Appeal

Your security roleban has been lifted and your appeal accepted. Please be more careful moving forward when playing security and make sure to enjoy the game.

Added appeal-accepted and removed appeal-pending

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