[MysticPhantasm2] - Angy_boi - (Game Ban Apeal)

SS14 account: Angy_boi
Character name: Peter Freeman
When was the ban: 3/26/2022 early afternoon
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard’s Den Lizard
Your side of the story: Some people kidnapped me in a crate and were going to yeet me off the space station, so i had to shoot them to not die,i hat to leave due to family reasons, so i told my friend to revive them, he did with one i believe, the other was revived by another person or so i was told by him later.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I had no time to explain the situation and i believe it was justified, i mean, if they yeeted me i couldn’t be revived so it was the only viable option in witch we all come out at least not perma-dead.

You were talking with someone who was playing in the game?


so i told my friend to revive them

Yeah, this is the problem.

From our server rules:


Using information gained outside the game to your advantage is not allowed. IC and OOC are to be kept separate at all times.

Metacommunication, or communicating with other players via out of game methods (such as Discord) to gain an unfair advantage is also strictly prohibited.

I  was in a rush as i said so i had left, i didnt want to be a dick to those people so i told him on the phone, oatherwise why would it matter that he was told ?, maybe he just revived him because ha was just near (but anyways)
This is my first ofense, it wont happend again , no one got seriosly hurt and everyone got revived at the end.

33 minutes ago, MysticPhantasm2 said:

You were talking with someone who was playing in the game?

Yeah, i told him on the phone because i was forced off by my family.

How old are you and your friend?

16 and 17 in that order.


Also, i didn’t tell my friend where the dead people were, as he knew where they were, because he was near me the whole time.

(just clarifiying)

I dont mean to put any rush but it would be cool if i could be given an answer by at least next week, as that is when i have vacations and when all my friends can actively play, i know im in no position to put pressure on you guys, and i know you probably have more important stuff to do.


We’re discussing it internally. We haven’t reached a decision yet.

Thanks, cool to know.


Can we get your friends username that you were metacomming with? 

He is currently studying for a ton of tests, ill ask him when he’s free.

I believe it is Dimas212

Perfect thank you we have decided to lift the ban for you, just be weary that though self defense is allowed. Leaving directly after self defense looks extremely wrong. Also dont give information about the current round to someone else who is playing the round.

aight sorry, my family forced me off, thanks.

From Accepted to Ban Appeals