Name: Amr__r, reason for ban (summarized): ERP

ban reason: appeal banned :zero tolerance for ERP behavior. you may appeal this ban on the forums

ban time: this ban is appeal only

reason for ban: when a reporter was bringing his camera into bar there was already another reporter stripped and SSD, so I said ‘we need to film him’ then another dude replies ‘film him?’

then I say ‘yeah space po#n we need to film him’

so I am guilty as you can see but I don’t usually say those things in SS14 I forgot the rules I was dumb. all I’m asking is that you give me another chance and I promise I wont do it again I feel like I have learned from this experience and I wont do or say anything that goes against the rules again.


please if an admin sees this dont ignore it please :slight_smile:

They can take some time to respond, sometimes a week. It’s all volunteer based and they make sure all admins get input on appeals. Try and have patience

Hi Amr_r,

We’ve gone over your appeal, and have come to a verdict of which  we will not be lifting this ban at the time.

Due to a grotesque violation of our no-ERP rule, a zero-tolerance rule on our community servers, this ban will remain. This was not an appropriate display of player behavior, and we’ve decided it would be beneficial to avoid players having to witness such event ever again.


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