NebulaHearts - my appeal about saying bad word. or breaking the rule 0

SS14 account username: [NebulaHearts]
Ban reason: [Gib for faggots yo know]
Date of ban: [Dunno like a mouth ago?]
Length of ban: [Breaking rule 1; Permanent?]
Events leading to the ban: [I was on QM, i was mad that day becouse i was instakilled with bomb in box that has been send to my face by my dear salvagers, i was really mad that day, becouse the cargo bay is a traitor bay again, and i was afraid of beeing gibbed, but i get traveled in space anyway…]
Reason the ban should be removed: [I accept this as and evidence of breaking the first rule of server, using discrimination againts thouse who blow my ass that day, i accept this too, i know what i did and i was salty that day, and i intentionally Txt it to the Looc to share with that salt, and tilt that was scoring with the time i play the whole game, not only your server, that was the moment of the emotional rage, the one moment, and now im here writing it for the returting chances of playing on your server again.]

Today May the 25 of 2023 this is the time when i tryed to connect the server, i remember the situation but i don`t know when said it, and when got banned i want those dates to know for myself: When i “told” it, when i got banned, and the last time playing your server.

Im excusing for that moment, and i want to ensure you that this isnt going to happend again on your server, (I will not use bad words again. at least the words that will or would discriminate anyone for sure.) I also excusing for intentional actions to make people rage or salty, by using words that un-excusible in ours siciety. I want to play again on the server, the server that i really chill on, really! in comparing to others servers.

We have decided to accept you appeal at this time, please be more mindful in the future.

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