New crime - Sedition?

I posed this idea in a reply to the space law rewrite discussion, but want to post it here to get more replies/thoughts and see general consensus on it.

I think there should be a new crime - Sedition/Treason. It would be a capital crime, and likely only apply to mindshielded sec/command to prevent it being abused against syndies. (maybe it would be better to add in 2 crimes, Sedition and Treason, if there is too many things to fall under one definition/term)

It would encompass things that generally speaking would be fully ahelpable and lead to admin intervention, but it would be nice to have an IC representation of it and to make space law feel a bit more fleshed out.

It covers command and sec working to overthrow the lawful chain of command (writing now it could probably apply to headrevs too), or acting in ways deeply detrimental to the station or nanotrasens interests through the action of treason. I will need to write a proper “legal” definition for it, but thats the general idea.

For example sec and command negotiating with nukies, or the legendary cargonia, or a command member harbouring criminals and refusing to let sec in to arrest them.


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