New Mode: Zodiac

Hello all! 
I created this thread with a proposal to create a new mode: Zodiac . The idea is that someone is given the role of the Zodiac and certain killing tools. For example: metal rope; Knife; Axe. Also give out a mask so the victim doesn’t recognize the nickname and the ability to climb vents. However, to do the last thing, you’ll have to add a new layer to the map - ventilation, but it will add a lot of opportunities for other players to interact with the ventilation. But if you add vents, then to access them will need: either 2 screwdrivers and a crowbar; or a key. The key will be given to the zodiac immediately. And to make the goal easier for the zodiac, he will be given an acceleration of 20% speed to walk on the vent. 
The aim is the same: to destroy all the crew stealthily, as the health of the Zodiac will be less than a normal player, but the damage will be 150%. But how to achieve the goal will be the choice of the player: to outkill the Security Service and thus seize power at the station; to make the chemist invent a drug and distribute all the heads, to kill them on the quiet, and then from certain rooms to get into different ventilation and reach the nuclear bomb, the choice will be enormous. True, there is a problem, it will have to fly away in a shuttle alive, which means that to detonate a nuclear bomb and stay alive will need to add a bug spy-hack, which will also create a lot of ways to use it.
My translator probably won’t convey the whole point, so I can try to paraphrase some points if they don’t make sense to you.
Thank you for your attention, really this sentence is probably a load of crap, but I will try

In my opinion, naming a gamemode after a real-life mass-murderer with similarities to the killings is INCREDIBLY insensitive.