NosKRL - I don't remember the ban reason but I jumped out into space as hos to kill myself

Role(s): All commanding jobs and security jobs
Length of ban: I don’t know
Events leading to the ban:  I barely remember how long ago the ban happened and I barely remember what happened but it was somewhere around 6 - 8 months ago I think. I was being dumb and was running around asking people to kill me (I was HOS) because I got bored and wasn’t thinking properly so I just jumped out into space through the cargo shuttle without giving my stuff to someone trustworthy (I realized my mistake instantly after I did it but I haven’t bothered to appeal my ban for a while)
Reason the ban should be removed: I just genuinely wasn’t thinking properly and I have absolutely no idea why I even did what I did in the first place.

With the command roles they are generally some of the most pivotal roles and if you waste them out it can derail the round or make specific game objectives impossible, just aHelp that your leaving and we can get a replacement or assign a new one if you need to leave in a command role.
Players using a command role are held to a higher standard of rules so keep these in mind moving forward:

I can see the ban has been removed for it and I will remove the role bans now too.

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