Nuk - roleban from captain for being too goofy

SS14 account: nuk
Character name: Brynjar Eriksson
Type of Ban: job ban from cap, dunno how long
Date of Ban and Duration: 24th or 25th of this november
Reason for Ban: no idea, i presume because i was being too goofy
Server you were playing on when banned: LIZARD!!!
Your side of the story: was playin captain, shift was boring and no one was asking me for anything so i decided to spice things up by doing a bit of goofing around (latter half). was originally planning on using announcements system to play out a story where i would change my ign every announcement and play as different characters (like the one jerma bit with the morning announcements), announcement console ended up being smited, changed my job title to “nuclear captain operative captain” and disguised myself so it wouldn’t show my name, after which CMO came in and started messing around alongside me. shuttle called somehow (don’t remember) and we went to vault and started trying random codes, acting like nukies to any passersby. shuttle arrived, and me and the CMO barely got on with the nuke, after which the countdown started due to wacky admeme and it blew up (after round end)
Why you think you should be unbanned: i think it was pretty harmless, considering no one was asking anything of me and it was pretty fun for me and the CMO. however, i swear an oath to be less goofy when playing captain and apologize for any problems my goofin’ around may have caused. thanks
Anything else we should know: i didn’t realize i had been banned until now because the job picking list was bugged and didn’t hide captain for me. emisse told me i had been rolebanned from cap on ooc but since i could still see captain, i thought she was just goofin around too. i’m also active on the discord (less so recently, been trying out ss13) with future (future) prospects of potentially trying for admin and being a contributor

You have an extremely prolific history of self-antagging as soon as you get bored or it is convenient for you to do so. How you are dealing with only a captain roleban at this point is beyond me. There is even a note in here of when you helped a syndicate agent with his objectives by killing the Captain for his laser as a non-antagonist. Therefore, we don’t look kindly on you literally making yourself look like an antagonist on the most important role on the station.

This appeal has been unanimously denied. Re-appeal in two weeks.

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