Nyanotrasen unban

SS14 account: Some_Random
Character name: Walter White
Type of Ban: Game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 1:05pm somewhat
Reason for Ban:"Permian for "Named “Walter White” " "
Server you were playing on when banned: nyanotrasen
Your side of the story: I recently named my character “Walter white” as a joke and i would purely try to go make drugs, and i started the shift as a chef and was trying to get access to Chemistry but we had no HoP so i broke into the office when the power was out, I had two other people with me a mime and a Greytider (aka a passenger.) I had thought if i got AA i could become captain cause we started the shift with no captain or HoP, later on i was captain and the  HoS warned me “btw you can be banned for having Walter white as your name.” so I told him “aww, ok well i’ll change it after this shift.”
Why you think you should be unbanned: I honestly thought that a permaban was unfair considering it was my first ban on that server, i feel like i could’ve been warned by admin or they could’ve just said to change it, but at the time i started the shift and was unable to change my RP name.
Anything else we should know: HoS warned me during the shift that my name could get me permabanned and I said alright i’ll change it and then like 20 minutes later I’m in the kitchen cause I was bored and wanted food, and I was suddenly banned.

also I would include screen shots of the game but my storage isn’t the best so I wouldn’t be able to screen record.

This forum is for bans from Wizard’s Den servers only. We do not have anything to do with bans from other communities such as Nyanotrasen. You must appeal Nyanotrasen bans through the Nyanotrasen discord.

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