Old ban, about trapping pepole in a vault

Ban reason: [Self-antag during known nukies by trapping pepole in vault]
Length of ban: [Untill appealed]
Events leading to the ban: [From what i remember i made directional plasma glass next to the door. The other thing was that i said i was learning how to build and then i got banned after some time. I do not remember more as this happend 1-2 years back.]
Reason the ban should be removed: [It is a really old ban, and after that i hopped on SS13 and kept playing for a long time. I learned the rules and how to not get banned by them, and i just kinda changed on how to roleplay and how to behave, and i just wana check out SS14.]

This appeal was put to a vote amongst the admin team and the resulting action was to unban you with immediate effect.

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