Opinions on medical refusing to give up corpses.

Personally I know of a couple of people (including myself) who take RP on the main server (Lizard US) a little more seriously than others… but that’s not the main focus, I wanted to know the general opinion about medical refusing the give up corpses as sort of like an In-Character moral compass. I’ve seen both sides of the spectrum, but primarily I see it as a bit weird that most people take the chef or chaplain dragging off a corpse for various uses as something that’s just normal. Especially with cannibalism implied, but on the other side of the spectrum I can see how it could possibly inhibit the gameplay of these other jobs… so I’m at an impasse. On one hand, I feel as if it more accurately expresses the character I play on station, but I also don’t want to ruin other’s fun because of one silly quirk in my character, on a server where RP isn’t quite as important. 

On LRP I don’t think it’s an issue as long as:

  1. The character is cloned. NOT disconnected. CLONED.

  2. The chef/chaplain is AWARE that the character is cloned. Ideally they’ve talked to the person who has been cloned and been given permission.

You may NOT meat spike people who have not been cloned unless they’ve expressly said to meat spike them after they die.

Oh, I’m not asking about Chef’s asking for corpses, I’m talking about the Medical staff refusing to give up said corpses.
A lot of the time I’ve seen Chefs or Chaplains come in just straight up asking for dead bodies and I wanted to know opinions on whether or not it’s acceptable to refuse giving up the bodies due to, again, an in character moral compass. Like if the character in question is uncomfortable with cannibalism and thus refuses to give up the corpses because that’s what it’s going to be inevitably used for. I’ve had run-ins with players who have been rather insistent with their “need” for meat for the kitchen when they could very easily just go bother cargo for a cow, even going as far as to push past the medical doors or just straight up take any bodies they see lying around, even if it’s not apparent that body has been cloned yet. (i.e. Someone just left the body in the medical lobby to be cloned.) I primarily wish to know about this in order to see what the appropriate response would be in character as medical in this situation.

It’s an interesting question. In a world where dead people can just get cloned, it makes perfect sense that some will see the bodies as just meat, while others see it as taboo. Both positions make sense, RP wise. And some alien cultures might even see cannibalism as something natural, who knows?

Me, personally, I think the medical team are the ones responsible for making that decision.

Also, as I understand it, LRP means the RP requirements are minimal, but it doesn’t say you can’t do gud RP.

(but if chef is dragging corpses around, at least put them in a body bag, or get morgue access to do it through maint)

One question tho: can you still save the DNA of a body that has the “Any recovery is unlikely” text? Can that player still be revived later, perhaps coming back from a ghost role?

My opinion on medical not giving up corpses is it creates an ideal environment for zombies, butchering the corpses once cloned honestly makes it a lot easier for the chefs, Then again I’ve been gone for a while due to staff vote and will be for a few more months, I cannot give an accurate opinion but I can still give one

That’s understandable, but again I’m not asking at a gameplay standpoint, I’m wondering about in-character roleplaying reasons, and whether or not it would be generally acceptable…

There’ s a pretty easy checklist I feel can be used here to determine if you’re in the clear. 1. Are you being a jerk? No, it’s roleplay, and unless you break rule 1, you’re fine. 2. Are you negatively impacting a job? No, chefs can easily obtain monkey meat from Cargo, what I would probably consider to be the intended way. People getting corpses are usually doing it because they think it’s funny or part of the rp, because they think it’s easier and requires less work, or for some resource optimization strategy, which isn’t really vital to anything. There’s nothing wrong with either approach, but I agree that I find the blatant acceptance of it a bit odd :P. I’d say you can roleplay your character however you like, and not putting up with cannibalism can be fun; I might recommend trying to make it RP, instead of simply denying access to them, and to react as though it isn’t evil, but rather that it’s taboo, or a personal choice, since it is pretty commonplace.

That being said, you should probably be prepared for people to not take it amazingly. Too many folks don’t seem to want character interaction, and would rather just get the corpses. Like you said, pushing past doors, dragging bodies, etc… Keep a close eye, remember the first rule, and don’t be afraid to get an Admin if someone’s giving you too hard of a time over it.

I personally would cremate corpses from cloned crewmates immediately to save time and space (preventing clutter), but will not resist if a chef demands it – since it costs less time to concede rather than argue.

Now with miasma feature added, I’d be happy to get rid of the corpses (provided cremating would take longer).

chefcels seething over medchads

I encourage whichever solution is the most annoying/cruel in that particular context