Orcus - Being racist against lizards

SS14 account: Orcus

Character name: Timothy

Type of Ban: Permanent game ban

Date of Ban and Duration: 02.09.2022 (dd.mm.yy)

Reason for Ban: "Being racist in chat against lizards. Strict no-tolerance policy for that here, I don’t care if it’s “for RP”.

Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard

Your side of the story: As an engineer I was arguing with the CE who was a lizard why not setting up the singularity engine was an unwise decision because we were lacking energy throughout the round. To spice things up and because I think creating drama leads to interesting RP opportunities I insinuated that they only got the CE position “because they are a lizard and NT can pay them less”. I purely stated this to create a bit of drama and RP as a prejudiced prick and I certainly thought they would just demote me or whatever. This exchange was not meant to hurt them emotionally and if it did I am really sorry as that was not my intention.

Why you think you should be unbanned: First off, I will not repeat this behaviour. I recognize that I rped as a speciest prick and I won’t do that again. The reason I did so despite the rules was that I simple glossed over the rules some weeks before and didn’t keep updated about the current rules which was also a big fuckup by me. I occasionally play SS13 on servers like TG in which being speciest is allowed by the rules and I simply thought this would fly on this server too. Be sure I will double check the rules in the future and avoid any rulebreaking behaviour.

Despite this the ban was fairly granted because as I stated I violated an explicitely mentioned rule of this server and for that I am sorry.
Anything else we should know: -

Appeal accepted.

You’re welcome to try and create interesting RP scenarios in the future, but please try to be more mindful of how you approach them so as to not come in conflict with the rules. 

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