Oskude - dunno

Ban reason: Raider

Length of ban: not displayed

Events leading to the ban: I guess as i was constructing atmos, someone with laser swords busted through the door, i screamed and ran away, and got killed. The killer took my PDA and ran away. Lying around dead a while, i got disconnected and then the ban window.

Reason the ban should be removed: I did not do any raiding, was just doing my atmo job…

sorry, typo: “laying around dead”, not “lying around dead” >.<*

ps. i guess admin wanted to ban the user who had my id? or how did they decide on my username?

Gonna be real, looks like you got banned in the mixup precisely because of the ID swap that occurred after the raider killed you.

Processing this under our speedy appeals process because you shouldn’t have been banned in the first place. Your account will be reinstated momentarily and  will not  count against you in any fashion moving forward.

Thanks for your patience, and if you have any further questions you may DM myself or Chief_Engineer directly - we’ll be happy to help.

From Accepted to Ban Appeals