[Pancake] gakkari#0001 / gakkari

SS14 account:  gakkari
Character name: “monkey” 
When was the ban:  6:15-6:20 AM Central Standard Time (unsure)
Server you were playing on when banned: US-West Lizard.
Your side of the story:  I was killed on my character that held the name “Paulie Walnuts” by a clown for basically no reason, I didn’t ahelp it and went monkey as a ghost role and someone led me upwards into the Bridge and I pointed at the corpse, and I grabbed the rifle and put it in the captain’s office. There was shooting outside and the captain ran in and attempted to kill my character, it was seemingly a brawl between the captain; the clown and several others in the bridge, an admin by the name “Pancake” asked me in ahelp why I was shooting the captain with a laser rifle when it was actually in a panic and I responded with asking him why the others were seemingly at random shooting at one another in the bridge and he said something along the lines of not knowing and before I could respond, I was banned for 1,440 minutes from the server. I was not given a fair chance in the situation and the admin quickly jumped to a conclusion without speaking to me.
Why you think you should be unbanned:  Clearly, there was a bias in the situation between me and the administrator on the server - instead of choosing to resolve the situation and hearing my side of the story, they chose to go forth with the action of banning me rather than hearing me out completely, even going as far as closing off their DM’s so I could not contact them about it. It’s currently 6:30 AM my time and I hopped on the server to have fun and it would seem that everyone else was at the time, I was under the impression that rules were laid back and I don’t think a full day ban for shooting someone as a monkey is just for a moderation decision.
To return, what value do you bring back to the community?   I, myself as a member of the community and an active player of the game server hold no “value” other than a slot within the server itself. I think I can provide a fun experience with other players in the server and have fun, that is all. 
Anything else we should know:   If you have anything else you feel is relevant to your
appeal, include it here. 

_ Okay, I’ll make this pretty short. In the best way possible that I can describe this without a reasonable doubt, it was a biased admin situation - and the administrator’s conduct was clear and unjust; I hadn’t intentionally broken the rules and I was going to speak on my behalf but before I could do so, the administrator banned me and it was unjust. I’ve been playing on the server mainly for around a month or so, give or take. I’ve had a few run-ins with this person specifically and I believe it may be the reason I am being treated as such. If that is the case, then I don’t know what I am able to do as a player to counteract this but there’s clearly a bias with the admin who handled the situation and chose to act in misconduct rather than peacefully conducting the situation. I have nothing more to say other than I hope that Pancake reads my appeal and comes to a conclusion to either reduce the ban or remove it entirely. _

_ Also, the ban reason lacks context of the RP situation at hand which I believe is intentional. _

Man can you just own up to it instead of pinning it on Pancake.

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From Rejected to Ban Appeals