Pearsool. ban reason: erp :o

SS14 account: Pearsool
Character name: unknown
Type of Ban: Perma
Date of Ban and Duration: Unknown, Perma
Reason for Ban: ERP
Server you were playing on when banned: i know that wizards den has several but i dont know which one the ban occured on
Your side of the story: Not sure, i dont play SS14 since it doesnt have as much content as SS13. i know what ERP is but i havent played tried SS14 yet. i let my brother play on my account since he didnt have a pc a few months back. and my pc wasnt hacked so it cant be anyone else.  
Why you think you should be unbanned: If it was me i’d understand a perma ban except it wasnt me. i know theres no proof but yeah.
Anything else we should know: normally i’d write a whole 10 paragraph essay but i dont have much to say. Also if you unban me i then i’ll try ss14 on a non russian server and i wont have to beat up my brother /j

there is, unfortunately, no proof.

This is also your account and yours alone, had both your account and your brother’s (which does not exist) had independent bits of playtime i would at least consider this but nope.

You are responsible for activities on your account, and that means you alone.


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