Perhapsually - Datacenter ban

SS14 account: Perhapsually
Character name: Tyler One
Type of Ban: Datacenter (no clue what that means)
Date of Ban and Duration: I played yesterday and then saw I was banned just now (Perma I think)
Reason for Ban: Datacenter
Server you were playing on when banned: I think it was wizard den us west, but I’m not sure (I’ve tried all of them and they say the same thing)
Your side of the story: No clue what this ban even means
Why you think you should be unbanned: Again I’m not even sure what the ban is for. It just says datacenter appeal here
Anything else we should know: Posted a pic of it too. If anyone could enlighten me that’d be swell

If I’m not mistaken Datacenter bans are from using VPNs, try turning off your VPN and trying again.

why no vpns? i just wanna protect my public ip ;(

It’s not that we disallow VPNs, usually it just means that someone who was trying to evade bans or caused trouble previously used a similar VPN. If you’re able to identify a VPN that hasn’t been caught in a datacenter ban, you are welcome to use it.

That said, since I literally just saw you in-game playing the piano (nice Careless Whisper midi btw), I’ll go ahead and close this.

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