Perma Ban Appeal



Game Ban.

Perma Ban 

Giving Out AA Causing Seizures Self antag.

Lizard usw

so, I was about to go to sleep and I Wasn’t caring what was going to happen so I gave out aa just to do something new, Now the Seizures thing I used an apc to turn lights on and off with I was trying to call a seizure I was just doing it because I could…

I mean meh I’m a normal player so I don’t bring value in anything big and meh I guess my ban was kind of unfair due to my careless playing due to going to sleep and how the admin legit told me what I did wrong after the round ended 

I mean only thing is how he told me what I did wrong after the round ended and not while the round was going which in my eyes was insanely Unfair 


  1. oh i forgot to add the date it was monday

Hi AverageFurry,

Unfortunately, this appeal is denied and cannot be repealed.

Due to your recent conduct and behavior on our discord, we have firm reason to believe that you are underage. The age to play on the official servers is over the age of 16.

You have shown that you do not exhibit proper safe internet behavior, to the point of which that you are revealing your present location, and more sensitive information you seem not to worried about sharing.

User privacy and safety is highly prioritized, personal information is protected on a critical level, but we are incapable of helping you if you are incapable of helping protect yourself.

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From Rejected to Ban Appeals