Perma banned from science deptartment a few months ago, i would at your descression like that ban lifted

SS14 account: haku_
Character name: Jaquwi Novac
Type of Ban: job ban, research director and scientist 
Date of Ban and Duration: probably between 1 and 4 months ago
Reason for Ban: bombing bar
Server you were playing on when banned: lizard
Your side of the story: let me first start by saying what i did was under no circumstances acceptable. i had made up 3 different grenades, 2 for the end of round these being; clf3 and fluoroscopic acid and one with mindbreaker toxin, what i did was stupid but for some reason i thought it would be funny to drug the whole bar, however i accidentally grabbed the wrong grenade. when i realized what i had done i panicked and ran, i can only assume i killed everyone in the bar with the acid grenade. later a mod spoke to me and i apologized had the remaining grenades taken away and went about the rest of my shift as usual.
Why you think you should be unbanned: to be perfectly honest I could understand not wanting to give me this opportunity as even if i had use the intended grenade it was still stupid and clearly against the rules. for this reason i have waited this long to appeal my ban is it only seemed fair. however time has passed and i understand the error of my ways. i would really appreciate it if i could have another chance especially with the new science content and i understand that its is the job of the science department to aid the crew not kill them. What i am trying to say is i would like to do the right thing and be a valued part of the game.

The consensus of the admin team is to accept this appeal. The rolebans have been lifted.

Please keep the following rule in mind, specifically point 3:


  • Don’t rush for or prepare equipment unrelated to your job for no purpose other than to have it “just in case” or to make it “for the end round” (referred to as “powergaming”).
  1. A medical doctor does not need to rush insulated gloves. The Head of Personnel does not need to give themselves armory access and then go grab guns for “self defense”. Interface with the proper channels to obtain these things and only obtain them if you have an actual purpose and reason for needing them, not just because “something might happen.”
  2. This also applies to hiding known antagonist objectives or otherwise securing them with a higher amount of security then would normally be required. Do not go around collecting all of the antagonist objectives as you first order of business and hide them in the vault just to make sure nobody can get them. This is boring and metagaming.
  3. Don’t manufacture weapons, bombs, death poisons, or anything similar before you know of any threats to the station or any reason you would need them. Making things “for the end of the round” when the shuttle docks with Central Command is also forbidden.


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