Peter black perma banned for peeing on billy and banned from sec jobs because of being a dictator hos Xd

welp i know i havent been the best person out there for most of the time and im really sry after passing some time learning the communitys rules and way of thinking and seeing what admins what and dont whant i think i learn everything i need to know to be a good boy and bully people but the thing is i enjoy playing in defrent ways a good docter a a good officer a good hos a bad hos and and i feel u admin are a bit too controlful i know no one likes an asshole or somone that only likes to see people suffer but thing get boring of everyone playing normally everytime revolution or new events will never happen of some of us dont do thing like this and is not like im doing this everyday because i dont play the same role daily but its your server your rules and im very sry for peeing on billy and being a jerk now that i have seen everything i promise i will follow the rules and be a good person seeing im new to ss 14 and ss 13 also wtf pancake why didnt u like my name peter black or even my OG name Friendly and telling me to change it now that is a bit too extreme and disrepactful to my way of thinking

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