Phish - Banned for helping other headrevs as borged headrev

Ban reason: Directly violated an admin’s instructions on borg behaviour. Attempted to supply revolutionaries with flashes after being told that would ensure crew harm.
Length of ban: 4 days
Events leading to the ban: Shift started, Im salvage and also first time being headrev. I was lucky because other headrev was another salvage and third one was passenger who asked to be salvage and got it approved. I brought maints booze and oxygen canister to our shuttle and the last missing thing was meds. On the way back, a rock appeared on me in maints. Literally, rock anomaly spawned rocks inside me and it started choking me, I couldnt do anything. As soon as I was dug out and carried to medbay, slimes attacked the station and soon medbay was filled with dead bodies, medical staff that survived started treating everyone but me, the only chad CMO tried to help me, but even though I was lying on a statis bed there wasnt enough time and I rotted (I thought you cant rot on statis bed…). Science decided to borg me, so I wrote into #admin-questions discord channel about what all I can do in my recent situation. Admin (dont remember who) kept saying me same thing - You cant do anything that will led to crew harm. (atleast thats how I have always understood it). After some thinking I went to salvage shuttle, told headrev salvager (original one) my situation and that centcomm told me I couldnt help them. She said its ok and i returned to science for modules (didnt have them before because they were out of plastic). Got modules and decided that only way I can help my fellow headrevs is to bring them exosuit fabricator (flashes only turns crew into revolutionaries and they can be treated with non-lethals, then what could go possibly wrong?  <— clueless). After bringing exosuit fabricator into salvage room I find out that salvagers are propably on mission, so I left fabricator in space on metal rods in dark. Went to disposals finding out that theres clown who just died but suddently there was Ion storm and my laws got updated - “Only CMO and Lawyer are part of crew”. Told dead clown that i cant help him anymore because hes not part of crew anymore then got bwoink by admin. Started arguing about that it wasnt meant as actual crew harm then he said he had enough and banned me.
Reason the ban should be removed: I never appealed any of my bans. Every ban was for something I did bad and I respect that. But this one was too much for me. Just because some random space issues take away my first headrev attempt and me as a borg trying to help at least a little I get a 4 day ban for moving an exosuit fabricator. In my opinion this is rather unfair, I’ll probably be unbanned by the time this appeal is resolved, but I’m more concerned with my whitelist reapply on Salamander. I’m afraid this ban will affect him a lot, and I really don’t want to wait another two months before I can play on Salamander again, where the crew is generally much better to play with.

This appeal has been put to to admins for discussion and vote and the the admin consensus has been to deny the appeal.
While the rev/borg/ion storm was understandably a pretty complex situation, the core part of the ban was that 2 sperate admins in the admin-questions channel had said not to take the exosuit fabricator to salvage which still happened.
Appeal denied - Ban remains in place.

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