Pigguy315 - "Suspected Metacommunications" [2]

SS14 account username: [Pigguy315]
Ban reason: ["Suspected metacommunications with user hamwaterlover]
Date of ban: [03/04/2023]
Length of ban: [Appeal Ban]
Events leading to the ban: [So I was playing a round as Cap, then I see Juan Lopez (IC of hamwaterlover) who I know is a really new player who never gets on that much do to a previous round a while ago where we talked and I showed him the basics. I always keep the name “Larry Chunk” and always have regardless so when he starts following me I right click him and see his name and realize who it is, he then says “Hi”. At the time I was reading a ss13 wiki and saw mention of “Blueshield”, so wanting to give Hamwater a new experience in ss14 so I did make him such, as well as try something new for myself. Nothing exceptional went on after that as he just followed me for a bit before I was bwoinked.]
Reason the ban should be removed: [Yes, looking back now giving a fairly newer player that type of power as Cap was inappropriate but if anything that should be handled IG with demotion or such. Honestly, I never had metacommunications with this user and it was never my intent to harm the gameplay of others, I just wanted to help a person who is a new player enjoy the game with a new experience as I did. I can see where the Admins are coming from thinking I was meta with this player as we really didn’t speak that much with each other we just kind of went with it. I hope you can all forgive me as I really do realize my choices were stupid and potentially harmful to the gameplay of others, with that being said there was no metacommunications of any sorts and I hope you can come to believe me. I do also acknowledge that it is metagaming for me to “remember” from a previous shift, so far that I am sorry and it will not happen again.]

Not an proper admin, but I think Chief_Engineer is asking you to make an appeal with the SS14 account username PigGuy315, which is the SS14 account that you were banned from; not using PigGuy which appears to be an account you made specifically for this appeal. 

I would like to clarify a few things:

  • Your SS14 account that you created to play and the account on the forums are the same thing; we will not process an appeal for Pigguy315 while you are appealing under Pigguy. We have no way to know for certain if you are the same people.
  • This is not explicitly laid out in the rules which we will address at some point; however, promoting random crewmembers to be the Captain’s personal bodyguards (popularly referred to as blueshield) is not appropriate behavior as the Captain. If you need a personal escort, I would highly suggest you interface with your security team who has the entire job of maintaining the security of the station and its personnel, including you. Hiring randoms off the street is not only a security risk, but an intense failure of even low-roleplay.
  • The allegations of metacommunications will have to be addressed by the team internally. Regardless this could be described as metafriending which would be unfairly favoring another player due to knowing who they are between rounds, which is similarly disruptive. Again, we will address this internally.

We would please request that you create a post on this thread from your actual account, Pigguy315, stating that this appeal is yours. 



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