Platform Poll

Unofficial poll to get people’s opinions on discord and the forums. Both refer to the Space Station 14 discord and forums, not discord or forums in general. Feel free to leave reasons for your opinions or what could change your opinions.

I’m not promising that this will be used for anything or that any changes will be made, I’m mostly just curious about opinions. Also, I wanted to test forum polls. This is obviously limited by the fact that people who only use discord won’t get an opportunity to share their opinions, just like people who only use the forums wouldn’t be able to participate in a poll on discord.

i dont use discord because it says that im already registered, still, y can see, but cannot coment in general, also, I fixed my appeal, is it ok?


16 minutes ago, guilletux said:

i dont use discord because it says that im already registered

Have you tried to reset your password?

14 minutes ago, guilletux said:

also, I fixed my appeal, is it ok?

Yes, your current appeal follows the format, someone should be able to process it within the next few days

oh , thanks, and ill check that out

Ok, I have something that might be relevant.

It’s common for threads on here to have few to none people following, not even the threads’ OP. Are people by default not subscribed when they participate? If so, that’s different from what I see in most forums. I wonder if that could end up promoting a culture of drive-by participation, not very conductive to dialogue.

When you post on a topic there’s a toggle on the bottom that lets you follow the topic. I think it defaults to off if you’re not following the topic which is a pain. I’m not aware of any way to make people automatically follow the topics they post on by default. Creating a thread uses the same toggle system. I don’t really like this forum software