Plazmasniper_2005 - Breaking two windows and overescalating a conflict

Ban reason:  Selfantag as nonantag mime, using a baseball bat to antagonize sec to break walls and windows, overescalated a conflict and tried to gib the opponent. Was warned previously for selfantag and vandalism.
Length of ban: Appeal ban.
Events leading to the ban: I started the round as a mime, then i got a baseball bat from the christmas tree. The station was atlas, so right above the tree there was the little room with tools and insuls, where i broke the windows with another player, we spun around and i generally didn’t think it was that big of a deal because, well there was definetly enough materials to fix the damage on spot without any specialized tools (steel and glass, rods can be crafted on the spot and with glass on a grillie you created a window). Later i went to security and hit the window a few times to draw the attention of the security officer so we could engage in a chase and i could act out as the mime a little. While running around with the sec officer the Quartermaster spotted us and killed me with a surival knife. Then i had to wait in medical for a revive which took ages since power wasn’t set up properly and we ran out for a while. When i was finally up i got frustrated and broke my vows. As stated in chat i decided i would kill myself to make up for breaking my vow, but not before i get the Quartermaster (whom i saw killing another TWO people right in front of med). The sec officer followed and reminded me that i need to go to jail for trying to break in, and i agreed to do so after i deal with the Quartermaster. When we arrived at his spot, he was lying on the ground (propably dying from the meat anom). I took him, dragged him to med, gave him a few stabs, disarmed the secoff and then killed myself. The situation was not perceived well by the admin, Gtheglorious and i was banned. It is totally understandable, since i have a history of being a problem (when i started playing the game i welderbombed and got banned for a week).
Reason the ban should be removed: However i believe i should be unbanned for a few reasons, first being IT’S A ROLEPLAY GAME. Even if we are both working for Nanotrasen, I am not a saint. The character i was playing got understandably angered and did what they believed was the best. I was ready to spend a few minutes in jail for messing around with sec but i don’t think this is selfantagging as, well the mimes and clowns tend to play on the security’s nerves. And what definetly shouldn’t count as selfantagging is getting back at someone who nearly ended your life for good. As for the gibbing part, as far as i know it is impossible to gib a body with slash damage and my character simply wanted to prolong the QM’s recovery time so they get to know how it feels. Now I know this might be a little lenghty but i would like to point out rule 3 and 4 of the escalation rules work in my favour here. To sum up on the forum you state that appeal bans are reserved for people with mutliple offenses (I only have one ban for welderbombing back when i started playing the game) and for breaking zero tolerances rules (which were not broken in any case here), thus i believe i shall be unbanned. However i now understand that causing such inconvienieces to security can come off as pretty annoying, thus in the future i will choose different forms of performance/and definetly not break anything with a baseball bat! I hope you understand.


This appeal was put to a vote amongst the admin team and the resulting action was to sustain your ban, you are free to re-apply in two weeks.

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