Please revert spacing nerf

I lost count of how many time i have seen sec and bartenders just walking around in spaced rooms as if they had a hardsuit. Spacing literally just became a myth since the nerf and it gets particularly bad on nukie rounds. i have seen crew abuse the hell out of this for be able to use they numbers against nukies even if said nukies spent they time and resources for space rooms with the goal of stopping exactly that.

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spacing neft is a bandaid until there are better ways to get rid of spacing

If nukies are relying on spacing that much, then we need to look at buffing nukies.

Spacing how it used to be was too oppressive and not that fun to play against, so even when we revert it, it’s not going to be as easy to space areas as it was before.

So eventually antagonists will have to spend more effort to space or find another way to fight off crew like using lube or another area denial.

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IIRC spacing used to incap people in less than a minute.This sounds logical, except for the fact that you could have entire areas where someone could instantly die because someone either maliciously or ignorantly left an area exposed to space. I’ve seen this happen at evac where the power has been lost and some genius crowbars open the escape airlocks before the shuttle arrives. It also causes problems if you don’t have a competent engineer crew who knew where to react.

This wasn’t as much of a problem on SS13, where you had the benefit / negative of an AI who can somewhat automate, monitor and overall ease the pressure on engis with atmos management and direct engis to repair breaches when alarms flag up, whereas at the moment the only way it gets seen to is ENGINEERING, THERES A HOLE IN ME FUCKING BAR AND ME CUSTOMERS ARE DYING, FIX IT at which point you can have up to a third of the station in poor > crit health.

So maybe this is something that can be looked at if/when a functioning AI role is introduced.


Now at you mention it yes nukies rely on spacing a lot, having to pvp against easily 5 times your numbers with limited ammo and meds can be really hard (and not everyone is robust for solo the station, even robust people make mistakes as well). That’s why spacing was a good strategy for nukies since they could reduce the number of enemies at could attack them and maybe even kill some of them with it. But now anyone with a armor can not only survive in space they can even survive long periods of time after being shot (and yes they can even defuse the nuke even in a state where they are heavily wounded just because spacing doesn’t do enough damage).

I think spacing shouldn’t even be making a type of damage at can be reduced with armor (maybe either change the damage to cold damage or make a new brute damage type at only spacing can make). Even before the spacing nerf this was already a issue with captain who could just rush into space for kill a syndie and not die thanks to their 30% blunt resistance on their armor.

Why not just add the space pens back? It would accomplish the same thing and wouldnt ruin such a cruicial aspect of the game.