PoorMansDreams - Said "Fag" While trying to type "Gah"

Ban reason: [homophobic slur, this is a violation of our zero tolerance policy hate speech rules.]
Length of ban: [Appeal Ban]
Events leading to the ban: [A secoff asked me if I could unweld a box for them, I didn’t have engi goggles/weldmask so I wanted to say “GAH” but I said “fag” instead]
Reason the ban should be removed: [After accidentally typing “fag” I corrected to GAH several times, and spoke in LOOC about how it was a giant misspell. I was still banned 5 minutes later without a ahelp to ask or anything. I do understand this is zero tolerance policy, however this was an honest mistake. I would never say offensive terms such as this. Please check the Chatlogs following the instance where I said “fag”.]

This appeal has been accepted.

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