Potatoes Admin Application

In-game Username: Potatoes
Discord username: Potatoes#2228
Characters you play: Bobby Potatoes (LRP)

How long have you been playing SS13 or SS14?
  I have never played SS13 because the launcher scares me. Steam has recorded that I have 603.1 hours in SS14 Although some of these hours can be attributed to waiting in queue or leaving the launcher open when I closed the main game window. However at least more than 400 should be real in game time. My friends have informed me to touch grass due to this achievement.

How many hours are you available per day:
 Due to new schedule based in home I can be expected to be on for at least 5-7 hours these can be spread through out any time throughout the day including early morning and late midnights
Days you are available on: 
 I would be able to be on almost everyday as I have a flex able schedule. All weekdays and weekends are available for me.

Prior administration experience (SS13 experience recommended). Please also post a way for us to verify this:
 I have no prior experience in experience in administration.
Have you been banned from our game servers or SS13 servers before?

 I have not been banned in ant servers before.

What role do you think game admins serve on our servers?
  I believe the Role of the Admin is to maintain the safety and enjoyability of the server. SS14 is a community experience run by the players, It is a administrators jobs to make sure the experience is fair and fun for everyone. This is done by enforcing the rules so that at least of sense or order is in place. although the security department already has the job of well providing security there are problems that comes from outside the game they simply cannot deal with. This is where admins take over. It is their job to make sure there isn’t some troll ruining the station for his own amusement at the detriment of people who are really trying to roleplay their jobs. This is important as no one would want a new players first experience to be a self-antag caving his skull in with a toolbox. The admins are responsible for keeping the server clean of those who only seek to harm others. Admins should also be knowledgeable enough about the game and server rules to answer any player inquires or at least lead them to the right place.  Admins also resolve issues outside of the game either in OOC or technical issues. I do not think admins should interfere with player affairs a lot, the players should be responsible to create their own experiences. Although occasion Admin Shenanigans should be made to drive engagement and more direct interaction is good to from connections with the community. To summaries Admins are responsible for protecting the server from griefers and rule breakers as well as to engage and help the player base to increase enjoyment and spread positive vibes.

How do you feel about the current roleplay status on the server?

(The following is written only in the context of LRP lizards. I have never played MRP as I fear I am not fast enough or creative enough to participate in MRP)
  I think barely anyone plays LRP to Rp at all, everyone is always itching for something to happen. I have seen multiple times when everything is going well where are the departments are making progress in whatever they do and people would claim the round to be boring. People would call for evac just cause nothing was happening. Once i seen the Captain himself announce “nothing is happening someone bomb singlo please”. This dose not seem very RP to me. I wont say that I was special as I too used to also had this mindset, but as I played more and experienced more I came to value more the little conversation and experience I had with just being with people. I something would actually feel I’m living and breathing in this wonderful and wacky world of pixelated spacemen. This is why I believe that while there are hardly any serious roleplay at all in this current state of limbo between RP and Wackiness, it is a preferable to dedicated RP. Veterans and new people get to experience the crazy and fun experience of this game in short time so they wont be sacred or bored by the true nature or higher RPs. They can see what is possible and be able to more deeply understand and experience/engage in MRP or HRP if they chose to. Around the time when I first played Evac shuttle was a death sentence. every syndie would spend all their remaining TC to buy C4 to bomb the baloney out of the evac shuttle. It was probably more safer to stay on the zombie-nukie-singlose-kudzu filled station then leave on the shuttle. Now although shuttle is still bombed sometimes I now feel safe(somewhat) that I made it into the evac shuttle. I feel this is clear evidence that the servers attitude is growing more and more mature… I have no doute that its is due people have played more of this game and gotten more wiser but mainly due to the dedicated admins who are already driving the server to a better state and mind set.  By no means do I find the current shittery acceptable but with time an the guidance and corrections by admins the attitude will change. I’m certain as this community grows the admins and even players themselves will create a better experience for all.

Why do you want to become an administrator for SS14?

  This has got to be one of the most unique games of all times, and I am in love with it_(removed for ERP)_. On a serious note I don’t think I will find a more perfect game for me. Which is why I want to be more involved in it. I love the story of the creation of this game and how it was created by the community for the community. One of my main reasons for applying as a admin is that I want to contribute back towards this community. I do not have enough brain cells to code so that I might help in development but I do have time. I spend a lot of time playing this game anyway so why not make my self useful by helping the community that have gave me so much enjoyment. I have also played every single department thoroughly. I would to answer almost any problems in any job that people might have. One factor that I can provide is that I can operate in early or late hours where the player counts are low and not optimal for admins with real life to to get on and deal with. I also rather do enjoy helping people I find making others happy and helping them is a great feeling. I also would like to see the community grow bigger and brighter I want to be part of helping it grow and I will try my best and do whatever I can to contrite to this project. As more people join ss14 I’m certain you need more hands to help, and I in fact have two hands that could help.

Application accepted, good luck during your trial period. Welcome to the admin team!

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