Primateprime - IC speciesm

SS14 account username: primateprime
Ban reason: IC speciesm and “racism module” installed, go appeal at
Date of ban: Today, 24/02/2023
Length of ban: Appeal only
Events leading to the ban: Joined as an pAI and decided to make some stereotypical racist remarks against lizards, like the “50% of crimes” one. Meant as a joke but didn’t exactly think it through.
Reason the ban should be removed: Perfectly fair ban and I both knew and understand why it’s against the rules. My dumbass just decided to make an insensitive, spur of the moment joke and it doesn’t help that I have a genuinely terrible sense of humor. Won’t happen again.

On 2/24/2023 at 2:37 PM, primateprime said:

I both knew and understand why it’s against the rules

Why’d you make these statements if you knew they were against the rules?

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Lapse of judgement. Wasn’t really thinking at the time, so I just kinda went with it when I really shouldn’t have.

I also didn’t entirely know that IC was also against the rules, either because I skimmed through it or I forgot, but I still had a hutch it would be.

I won’t make the excuse that I was drunk or anything, just really emptyheaded at the time and in retrospect I both feel and look stupid because of it.

I really do like SS14 and would like to get back into it and it’d be a real shame to keep it this way. I hope this clarifies it a bit.

The admin team has decided to not accept this appeal. While we don’t allow any form of speciesism, there was particular concern over the degree to which your chat mimicked, or was inspired by, real world racism.

You can create a new appeal after 2 weeks.

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