Primateprime - Reappeal

SS14 account username: primateprime
Ban reason: IC speciesm and “racism module” installed, go appeal at
Date of ban: 24/02/2023
Length of ban: Appeal only, reapply after two weeks.
Events leading to the ban: Joined as a pAI and made some insensitive racist jokes about lizards. Used some stereotypical remarks such as “50% of all crimes” and such that are common in real-world racism today.
Reason the ban should be removed: While I had a hunch that it was probably against the rules, I didn’t remember for certain and still felt compelled to make said jokes when I really shouldn’t have. I used those copypastas and remarks to try and make said jokes funnier, in a sort of parody manner. Retrospectively, though, it really just made the jokes a lot more insensitive and looking at those chat logs I just feel more embarrassed than anything.
In reality I don’t actually hold these views whatsoever and and I laugh at those that do, but a lot of people aren’t able to and could’ve easily been hurt by the things I said.
That said, I’d just like to get back on SS14. I made a fool of myself and would prefer to just forget about this whole ordeal and go on after having learned my lesson.

I think it’s safe to say that this behavior won’t be repeated again. If not the rules, then to keep myself from looking like a blazing dumbass.

The admin team has decided to accept your appeal. You should now be able to play on Wizard’s Den servers.

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