Privateer attacked other privateers on purpose during round, essentially ending the privateer round as the forces, even after being revived by admins, were very crippled. Admin did not believe me during Ahelp.

On the 31st of March during a round on Leviathan, a player who was named Russel Owen was playing a pirate/privateer, and out of nowhere started gunning down the other privateers, including the privateer captain. I ahelped and got a response from the admin, who did not believe me on the matter, and thus I imagine the player went unpunished. The admin believed we blew ourselves up twice and that’s why we died, which was false. The whole context is one of the privateers accidentally fired a cannon thinking it was a Blunderbuss, severely crippling the crew, and then the remaining privateer alive hunted down every other privateer. Evidence uploaded as clip, I have the entire replay if need be.
Round ID: 50130