PufferFish17000 - Metacomms

Ban reason: [Metacomms]
Length of ban: [Until Appeal]
Events leading to the ban: [I conveyed current round information in a discord chat with other people.]
Reason the ban should be removed: [I did not mean to post any of the information with any malicious intent, but I now see how it could harm the gameplay experience for other players. This was also at the beginning of when the discord server was made which was over a month ago. I did not self-police my messages very much if at all then, but I now and will continue doing so to avoid metacommunications. I will not talk about anything that happens in any future rounds unless it is known to everyone that the round is over, whether by a screenshot of the end-of-round screen or of the announcement made by the bots in the official Wizden discord server. I will also be sure it is known that I am not on the server if I decide to talk about previous rounds to avoid messages being taken out of context. I recognize I have harmed mine and others’ roleplay experiences and I deeply apologize, it will not happen again.]

Hello! This has been discussed within the admin team and we have put it to a vote. The consensus is to reduce the ban to three weeks.
Reason why are as follows:
-Non Problematic player
-Honest appeal, understands what they did was wrong
-Still breaks the rule.

Appeal accepted - the ban will lift on 3/2/24

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