[Qhaecretes] - how?

hey I’m just typing this here as you tend to immediately close the thingies when you respond. ill be quick.

so in order for me to become unbanned entirely i first must get a voucher of good behavior from playing on a server. the problem is i CANT get one, due to the fact you have banned me from playing any official ss14 servers at all making getting one basically impossible. sure there are a lot of servers with lots of people, but they are all Russian, all of them. i cant interact and play to get a voucher if i cannot understand what they are saying. even then, how would i get about getting one? am i expected to just ask an admin on this hypothetical server if was doing good? that would be really annoying as i doubt any admin would would to be contacted over and over again to see if someone was “being good”. so overall. I do not know how i am expected to gain this voucher if i cannot play. is there a specific way you wanted me to go about this? id appreciate some more guidance on how I can go about regaining my ability to play on official English speaking servers. 

Please and thank you admins.

not an admin but nyano and i believe mining station vouchers are accepted, both are english speaking

I will answer this question, but there is a perfectly capable direct message function available on the forums. Do not post additional appeals just to ask questions are you are up to about 7 threads now with half of them being random questions.

You getting voucher banned is your problem; not ours. You have already had one appeal that was successful, then you turned it into a voucher ban by violating the rules yet again.

As for your voucher: We essentially want a good word from an administrative team of another well known or decently active SS13/SS14 server that you have not been a problematic player for their server. You would need to explain the circumstances to the administration team of that server at some point and see if they are willing to offer a voucher that you have been well behaved. 

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