[Qhaecretes] - [Not being very nice to others ingame]

SS14 account username: Qhaecretes
Ban reason: There are a alot of things i did many months ago to warrant this that 
Date of ban: Not sure specifically. some time 6 months ago
Length of ban: Permanent
Events leading to the ban: Well at this point i have already forgotten. i believe i was doing my job as sec incorrectly and actively looking for reasons to arrest people. this is when i was still somewhat new to the game and the rules of RP. and then afterwards a few mishaps and minor offences (like afk’ing while in command roles) that overall accumulated in me being seen as a nuisance and becoming banned from playing any and all official ss14 servers in the game, this I understand. during this time, i went on to play ss13, the game that this one is based on. there i had a lot of fun using what I learned from my bans and admin offences to try to better myself in RP. at this point i completely forgot about my ss14 situation. i just now remembered. i come back here hoping you also see me as worthy to try again and be good.
Reason the ban should be removed: 6 months ago i was banned for clowning around with other people and annoying them (i wasn’t a clown) one eventually left because of me. the admins saw this the last straw, prompting me to become banned from any and all official servers. despite this, one admin said i could come back if i waited out my appeal ban for 6 months while also being on my best behavior. 6 months later… here I am. it was hard to play ss14 alot since all the servers are Russian and the official servers that are English speaking servers you guys banned me from playing at all. id like to believe I’m ready to come back with my behavior and lack of offences on ss13 servers as my voucher. may i be allowed to ss14 like everyone else has? i want be a musician again.

Your voucher of good behavior must be provided by the administration team of an SS13/SS14 server that you have regularly been playing on, problem free.

Seeing as you have also attempted to evade your ban in October under “Apoapsis”, you can wait until at least April 18th, 2023, to appeal this WITH a voucher of good behavior from the administration team of an SS13 server you have been playing on.

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