[QoL] ChemMaster 4000 lacks a specific buffer for pills

It’s probably intended to be this way to make chemistry harder, but ChemMasters currently cannot be used for storage AND pill production.

If a chemist wants to produce pills they, in practice, have to be playing on “lowpop” with less than 3 chemists and a CMO on duty. It’s almost impossible to coordinate that a single ChemMaster is left empty for pill production as players will often dump chemicals without asking.

For this reason, I feel a lot of chemistry players will appreciate a specific buffer for pills. Suggestion: There is already a Transfer/Discard function to direct to what buffer a chem should go. Adding a third selector for “Output” that goes directly to the pill buffer should remedy this.

One thing I would like to point out, I do feel like I remember seeing the maintainers wanting to nerf the chem master to nolonger have infinity storage

The deeper question here is what the ChemMaster 4000 is supposed to be.

Currently in SS14, chemists use it as infinite chem storage with separation for easy mass mixing.

I’m not sure how others used it, but in SS13, I always used it only for making bottles and pills. Making a pill used the whole buffer, so I didn’t usually keep chems around in there and just used beakers. If I needed to store a large amount of a single chem, I would make 50u pills to dissolve back into a beaker later. Or just use the infinite 50u glass bottles it could output.

If you notice, this means that the size of the chem buffer never really needs to go above a full pill bottle or two (50u * 14 pills * 2 bottles = 1400u).

The dissolving pill technique isn’t quite as feasible in SS14 due to pill limits being 20u.

Something I think we can all agree on is that chem needs something to store chems, and something to make pills with.

One option is to give chem tons of empty jugs to store chems in. This allows making custom chems and slot the jugs into the chemical dispenser for easy dispensing. (Did you know the chemical dispenser UI expands and can scroll if you add more jugs than the default chems?)

Another thing that can be done is to fix bottle output on the ChemMaster. Currently it requires a glass bottle to be printed in an autolathe and then inserted into the ChemMaster for it to count as an output, when it should either have a large internal stock or infinite bottles like in SS13.

Something else to note is that we currently don’t have a SmartFridge, so that may affect the amount of finished product that chemists make and store compared to just leaving them as intermediate chems until needed.


I’m glad you brought this up. We can’t buff the ChemMaster so much that it would replace the chem dispenser as both things need to have a purpose.

Essentially, ChemMaster is for separating chems and making pills/bottles. Dispenser, well, for dispensing and storing jugs. However, storing intermediate chemical jugs in dispenser, is currently NOT feasible due to Medical’s urgent need of 6-10 jugs for drawing with the syringe.

Plus jugs only fit 200u. Making all advanced brutes requires about 300u of Bicaridine. If you are getting it from a jug in dispenser it would take more than one trip. That’s why most people just use the ChemMaster…

If we want to mix exclusively in dispenser, we need more than 4 empty jugs at round start, or a larger jugs variant.

I’d say ChemVendor should have 8 empty jugs at round start AND ChemMaster 4000 gets a limited “output buffer” of about 200u (based on pill’s 20u limit)

That way players can be flexible with how they want to play and making pills become viable again.

There is a whole world of possible mixed medicine potential in pills I feel no one is exploring.

There is one doctor I met yesterday who had a syringe of something they called “anti space”, which absolutely supports the idea of there being a world of pre mixed drugs.

I have also tried to make pills that are cleaning foam pills. Not sure they worked well…

Honestly though… Part of me wonders if the chem master really belongs? Should pill making be a specialized machine, with a dedicated chem separator and a whole lot more jugs set up at round start?