Quick question about voucher

SS14 account username: Deealer
Ban reason: Not respecting chain of command, negligence, other not remembered
Date of ban: Around October and September 
Length of ban: permanent untill notified of voucher
Events leading to the ban: A combination of command negligence and job ban evasion from memory.
Reason the ban should be removed: It has been a bit and I tried to get the voucher on nyano trasen the only other English server which I’m not even sure has active admins or not to fulfill the voucher and I did try on their discord and even then their was no response or any other responses on stuff like appeals for a decent amount of time. I feel as if I have served my time and if you feel different I accept that until some further information or task comes up for me to fufill. No rush.

We communicate with the nyano admins every day. They have active admins. 

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