Racist - Automatic VPN IP ban

SS14 account: Racist
Character name: N/A
Type of Ban: Game Ban (On joining from a VPN IP)
Date of Ban and Duration: June 17, permanent.
Reason for Ban:“Datacenter. Appeal @ forum.ss14.io
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard, was a ban applied upon joining.
Your side of the story: This is basically a repeat of my previous permaban (appeal linked below), which was applied pre-emptively because of my username and the fact that I am using a VPN, and not necessarily because I had broken any rules. The only difference is that this is an auto-ban for connecting from a pre-emptively banned IP address.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I’ve given some reasons in the link below, and I’m not sure if I need more.
Anything else we should know: My previous appeal can be found here.
Admin Unknown - Racist Ban Appeal - Ban Appeals - Space Station 14 Forum

This wasn’t a ban against my account, but a set of IPs. Disregard this appeal.

Appeal resolved in discord.

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