Ranbee - Huge asshole, menace, ERP maniac

SS14 account username: Ranbee
Ban reason: “Huge asshole in chat logs + talking about content not permitted under ERP rules. Appeal @ forum.ss14.io
Date of ban: Unknown
Length of ban: “This ban is appeal only”
Events leading to the ban: I don’t actually remember what happened and I didn’t even know I was banned since I haven’t played ss14 for a pretty long time. But indeed I could have been a huge asshole in chat logs and I could have talked about content not permitted under ERP rules, and that is why I am appealing my ban today on these fine forums. I don’t think I’d like to be banned from the official game servers, so I am delivering a sincere apology to all those hurt by my words, or aroused I don’t know. And also an apology to the admins, can’t leave them out.
Reason the ban should be removed: I believe I accidentally explained that in the events leading to the ban section.

This was the entire content of your chat logs on the station. Explain why we should believe this is not the norm for you.


Admin consensus is to deny this appeal. We have no reason to believe this is not your usual degree of interaction with other players. Feel free to appeal again in a week (Mar 18, 2023).

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