Randy Smorganto Discord Ban Appeal

Discord account: gork.mork

Date of ban: today

Events leading to the ban: so I was sick of people bitching about engineers despite said users not olaying engineer. I go to the discord and I talk about it and say “if you don’t play engineer you’re not black” quoting our president in a joking manner. Then the trans flag PFP user whose name I don’t know took offense to that. I then asked if this was Nazi Germany, and they booted me.

Reason the ban should be removed: what kind of society do we live in where I can’t quote the literal president. I was gonna drop it and move on but then I was banned. This is an overreaction and I had 0 intentions of triggering people. That staffer needs to take a chill pill. There was even a guy helping me explain it. I just wanted to talk to the other people in the server and make friends. Nobody but the staffer seemed upset.

At times like right now when I’m at work I wish I was unbanned so I can talk to ss14 gamers about ss14. Im a very opinionated person and am stubborn so I can see why you guys havent lifted the ban yet.

It appears you made a questionable joke, and a moderator simply asked you to elaborate. Instead of doing so you just accused them of censorship and doubled down on it.

In this appeal you seem to still double down on it. As such the appeal is denied.

You can appeal again in 2 weeks.

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