Ban reason: Metacomms Via Stream sniping+ using Macros
Date of ban: June 2nd
Length of ban: indefinite until appeal 
Events leading to the ban: I personally was not on SS14, as I live with another person that plays this game quite a lot with the handle StinkoBrinkly, they were the one to get the ban, but I live inside the same house. 
Reason the ban should be removed: I am active and helpful to the newer players as I’m usually a command role and if I’m not, I’m looking into the changes to test the new things, I personally haven’t done anything to really get into trouble with the staff. There was another ban of this IP that was dealt with to allow me to play whilst the other unban request was looked over I believe. I didn’t have any part in the ban therefor I feel that I’m not really deserving of it, if the staff could do what they did for us last time that would be great as id love to hop back onto lizard or the new leviathan. Thank you for looking it over.

The ban should not affect your account anymore.

From Accepted to Ban Appeals