RD Ban Appeal

= For role/job bans =

SS14 account username: hackee
Role(s): RD
Date of ban: Unknown
Length of ban: Unknown
Events leading to the ban: Unknown since I was never told I was banned (I noticed myself today). If I had to guess, there was an instance where as a scientist I found the RD dead and didn’t know that “Their soul has departed” meant they could still be revived. I started taking their stuff to assume the role of RD, since I believed there was no longer an RD. The admin asked me what I was doing, I explained myself that I believed they were permanently dead, they said no they’re not. I apologized, brought the body to med and gave their stuff back.
Reason the ban should be removed:
If this is what caused the ban, it was an honest mistake. It feels like I’m being role banned for RD for not reading the fine print of the medical doctor guide. That text is confusing and I’ve seen many other players assume someone can’t be saved when it is displayed. I am certain I am not the first person to get tripped up over this. Honestly read the medical guide as if you were a new player and tell me if you think this is intuitive:

" Do they have a soul attached? You can tell if, when examining, the following phrase is displayed: “Their soul has departed.” "


" Do they still have a soul? You can tell if, when examining, the following phrase is displayed: “Their soul is gone.” " :thinking:

Shouldn’t it say “Their soul is still attached”? Or “Their soul has departed, but resuscitation may still be possible.”? In it’s current state, unless you already know what this means, it’s difficult to infer. I am more than willing to open a PR to reword this (and update the medical doctor guidebook).

You were banned from the science department for one week starting on the 8th for significant disruption in a round on Leviathan. During the round, you appear to have effectively abandoned you position as a scientist and instead spent a large portion of the round doing things like linking together a bunch of airlocks on the station. You weren’t contacted related to this because the situation was investigated after the round was already over. Feel free to update your appeal based on this information if you’d still like to appeal.

Nah it’s fine, the ban is up tomorrow.

To clarify moving forward, linking up airlock doors is considered “significant disruption”? I would imagine significant disruption would be like plasma flooding or intentionally blowing up an anom.


When you link so many airlocks together that multiple people ahelp it, yes. There were also reports that you caused an anomaly to go critical, either directly or indirectly, N2O flooded, and did a bunch of other things

This roleban is temporary and expires in about three hours. Denied.

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