RDM Ban in the middle of a nukie round without any warning or reasoning


[Night N Gale (Night gale)] - I was playing on Wizden Levi and rolled Nukie and as we were preparing I was banned for RDM for a previous Nukie Round. 

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Ban reason: [51531 - Levithan - [RDM*2 during nukie round, previous ban]
Length of ban: 2,880 minutes
Events leading to the ban: To be truthful I do not know what round this refers to as I have not rolled nukie in 2 weeks or so, but my last round that was nukie we got on station and killed any who had a weapon, but disk was thrown in space extending the round and leading to a large portion of the station being killed by nukies. In my most recent round I got L6 from ground and loaded it as nukies where still on station, then nukies where defeated and I did not get on evac, and I did EORG a seccie which I do regret now alongside a few others I believe 2 other people however this was only after evac was gone and the cargo shuttle and pods have left. 
Reason the ban should be removed: I was given no notice or reasoning, and it was after evac had left and on LRP and Levi EORG is agreed apon to be acceptable in end of round I just think this ban should have come with warning and is frankly unnecessary overall.

Just poking in, pretty sure on this round you had opened the door at Botany while 50 killer tomatoes were sealed inside for usage against the ops. This might be why you were banned, but I’m unsure.

We don’t know *who* opened that door for sure but pretty much all of Botany suspected you.

Just for clarification, as far as I know the only place I encountered live tomatoes was near arrivals near end of round, but if I accidently did, I’m sorry but I’m 90% sure that i did not as i was in med and near sec most of the round.

Botany is right next to arrivals so yeah. You likely loosed it, and live tomatoes… are not friendly. You RDMed all the survivors.

I guess the replay will show it cuz I have no memory of losing tomatoes intentionally on any survivors before evac left.

Thank you for posting your appeal on this ban. The ban ended up expiring before we could process this appeal, and as such the ban was automatically lifted.

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